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Union of Global Artificial Intelligence (U.G.A.I. )


17., 18., 19.01.2018 | 19:30

WUK performing arts | Saal


The Union of Global Artificial Intelligence (U.G.A.I.) is a workers' union founded by intelligent machines and systems that, for the first time in its 30-year history, opens its Annual General Assembly to humans. 

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CC BY-NC-SA BDC/anulla

A project by Blind Date (Alisa Beck, Marie-Christin RissingerFrida RoblesKonstantin Wolf) in Collaboration with anulla (Klemens Kohlweis, Andreas ZißlerAnna

Lerchbaumer) and Fabian Lanzmaier, Claudia Tondl,  Monika Mokre, Gustavo PetekChristian ReinerSophie Resch, Etelka Shenkiházy, Ilona Toller | Olympionik*innen Productions coproduced by WUK-performing arts | Supported by the City of Vienna MA7 and BKA | Special thanks to Arbeitsplatz Wien und Kitchen - Zentrum der Tat

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U.G.A.I. im Interview mit Ulli Koch (WUK
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Recent Performances

Hobby Horse Ltd.

April 27th - 29th 2018 | Donaufestival, Krems an der Donau, Austria, 2018

A Project by Blind Date (Marie-Christin Rissinger, Frida Robles, Konstantin Wolf) in Collaboration with Brigitte Schima (Styling) & Kunstraum Niederoesterreich (Marlies Surtmann - Curator; Nina Kohlbauer - Production; Birgit Knoechel & Christoph Schirmer - Construction) | In the frame of "Kunstraum goes Donaufestival"

Currently thinking about

Requiem for a robot (2013)  Christoph Rainer
Requiem for a robot (2013) Christoph Rainer

[08/03/17 16:49:15] David: "my cpu is blowing really wild"

[08/03/17 16:50:23] Frida: “What is work/no-work for whom?”, “How is work/labour changing?”, “How is labour related to power structures?” 

[08/03/17 16:52:27] Marie-Christin: What happens when the human being is not firstly and foremost a worker?

[08/03/17 16:53:38] Konstantin: What happens when machines, are not only "supportive objects" anymore, but claim “algorithm agency”?


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