© Alisa Beck / Gustavo Petek

smallforms seeks to support contemporary artists, whose music requires an attitude of listening.


smallforms sessions: we take one day to record in place a short work and in the evening we open the doors for a live presentation. production, creativity and social exchange

curated by Gustavo Petek


smallforms (o): something good that follows a series of other fortunate events

or: the bottomless pit that may lead to the underworld (or hell). 

live electronics, spoken word, spinning tunes, sweet stuff of pop culture

curated by Alisa Beck




23.11  Paul Gründorfer/Ms Mutt x RAPCHOR

12.10  knuRRhahn x Onno Ennoson


14.06  Canned Fit/Petek x Fatalismus Spunk + Tina Hochkogler

11.05  Burkhard Stangl/Isabella Forciniti x Mandy Mozart

20.04  Eric Arn/David Scheighart/Markus Steinkellner x Fauna (Dj-Set)